A Key Church Leader in Fresno CA writes….

“Was struck again by the power of prayer. Walked over to my neighbor’s Monday night, and he invited me to stay for dinner (my wife was out of town). We sat and talked, and I encouraged him to take responsibility for his life, and kept asking him the question, “Are you ready?”  The next morning there was a note on my door from his live in partner,  Here is part of what she wrote to me, (We had talked some the night before also.)


Tonight is my end of whatever it is I’m doing with my life. I’m tired. I’m sick and I’m tired. I can no longer fix my problems on my own and I can not save my relationship. I can’t even save myself. You offered to help me…” 


So my coworker and I went over and talked with her yesterday.  Pray that she would follow through and enter a treatment program.  And it showed me again, much of what we have to do is just WALK ACROSS THE STREET!!”

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