About Us

In January of 2001, some of the pastors from the west valley of Los Angeles began gathering to pray for our city and the churches that make up the whole church in our valley. It was our commitment from the beginning to pray, to develop relationships with one another, and to wait on the Lord to show us what He had in mind for us to do.

The Lord made it apparent that He was leading us to minister together in the neighborhoods where those in our churches live. This ministry has become known as Neighborhood Initiative.

Resources are available for pastors and leaders interested in implementing their own neighborhood initiative in their cities. Check out our Neighboring Resources to get started! There is also a leaders and participants guide available for pastors who want to use these materials in their own churches. Visit Resources/Neighboring Resources.

Mission: Reseda


The following download is a detail of the first five phases of NI, then named Mission Reseda. The notebook outlines how NI came into being at the Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Reseda, CA. This resource offers various approaches for connecting with neighbors whether you are a church looking to follow this model or you would merely benefit from adding some meat to your own approach. Although we have since transitioned to a simpler approach laid out in the Resources section of our site, this guide remains a labor of our love for what God revealed in the early years.