Here is a review of Neighborhood Initiative and the Love of God from Suzanne:

Every once in a while, a book comes along that tethers us back to our author and anchor of Life. In a beautifully comfortable narrative Lynn Cory instructs readers in what, according to Dallas Willard, is “the only thing that can bring life to our cities now.” The book has impacted our fellowship so much and has resulted in a richly growing congregation with renewed love for our neighbors and neighborhoods. Cory not only explains the Neighborhood Iniitiative, but equips the reader with tools of knowledge and practical applications such as the five essentials to recognize and integrate (Chapter 16). After following Pastor Cory’s suggestions in the book, people in my neighborhood are coming to faith. The book is concise, yet speaks volumes. It has changed my life for the better, forever, by giving me a renewed heart for evangelism.


Listen to Bruce Zachary's experience with Neighborhood Initiative.

Listen to Dallas Willard's word to pastors and leaders about Neighborhood Initiative.

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