Here is a review of Neighborhood Initiative and the Love of God from Rev. Phil Miglioratti:

Lynn , thank you for writing what will prove to be a foundational book on loving our communities to Christ that is both instructional (we need strategies and tools!) and inspirational (we are at our best when motivated by the love of God!). You remind us that our neighborhoods are filled with, well, neighbors, those Christ told us to love. May God use Neighborhood Initiative and the Love of God to assist many small groups, ministry teams, outreaching congregations and city movements to begin the journey of praying for those neighborhoods, caring for their needs through acts of service and community problem-solving, so that the Gospel is proclaimed in deed and in daily conversations.

Rev. Phil Miglioratti
COO and National Coordinator of Loving Our Communities to Christ

Listen to Bruce Zachary's experience with Neighborhood Initiative.

Listen to Dallas Willard's word to pastors and leaders about Neighborhood Initiative.

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