When I went to the Lynn Cory Seminar hosted by ESA about loving our neighbors, I didn’t quite know what to expect. The simplicity and intentionality of his message of making loving the people around our homes
and our churches a priority captured my attention….

Neighborhood Initiative Christmas Wreath

So this year, instead of hosting a Christmas Open House for our church family, we’re inviting our neighbors over. Monday evening, my wife & I, along
with our eight-year-old son, went door-to-door on both sides our street. “Hi, I’m Greg and this is Sossy and Alexan, we’re your neighbors down the street and we’re hosting a ‘Christmas Open House’ for our
block on Saturday, December 12 from 4-7 p.m. Come & go as you can. We’d love to have you join us!”
Most were extremely reluctant to even open their doors. One sarcastically asked what we were selling. But of the 22 houses we dropped the flyer off to, we actually got to invite personally about 13-15. By the
time we left their doors, all of them were positive and said they’d try to stop by for at least a little bit. What’s fun is that children have been walking by the house and pointing to the house number saying,
“This is the house we’re coming to.”

Praying for His kingdom to come on our street!
Pastor Greg Haroutunian, First Armenian Presbyterian Church, Fresno
Serena Avenue Christmas Open House


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