The Kairos Adventure


Join a Grassroots Movement
Be a part of a grassroots move of God where you are laboring with Him as He changes the lives of those in your own neighborhood. Can you imagine what it would be like if Jesus’ Church in every neighborhood joined the Father to touch the lives of those in their community? The Kairos Adventure is for believers who want to experience God, right where He has placed them, in a fresh new way and see Him at work in the lives of those in their neighborhood. Join Him on an adventure of a lifetime.

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kindle-buy-button at neighborhood initiativeThe Kairos Adventure: Neighboring in God’s Timing is designed for daily reading and is chock-full of inspiring stories. The anecdotes will allow you to learn from other’s experiences and help you better relate to and care for people in your own neighborhood. Each story is coupled with an insight drawn from that neighborhood experience and followed by an opportunity to reflect and respond.

The reader will learn how to live the kairos life, experiencing divine appointments with God, so that there is no need to try to make something happen with neighbors.
God wants to invite you into what He is already doing in your neighbors’ lives.

The book encourages readers to make lasting relationships with their own neighbors, allowing God in His timing to bring about opportunities to love them and impart the message of the gospel so they will become a disciple of Jesus.


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