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Imagine the whole church in every community in our cities working together to bring the love of God to every neighborhood. What if each of our homes became centers for the loving ministry of Jesus? What if every one of our neighbors then began to experience the extravagant love of God? People would say, “I want to have the kind of love they have!” and Jesus would be pleased. Through the love and power of the Holy Spirit, we can and will see this in our day. Neighborhood Initiative is for those who want to join a Jesus revolution of love in our cities, neighborhoods, families, workplaces, and schools.

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kindle-buy-button at neighborhood initiativeNeighborhood Initiative and the Love of God seeks to provide resources and encourage people to make lasting relationships with their own neighbors, allowing God in His timing to bring about opportunities to love them and impart the message of the gospel. The book answers why neighborhood ministry is important and how those in the Church can get started in their own neighborhood right now.
Discussing the conception of this book at breakfast with the late philosopher/author Dallas Willard, Lynn Cory was told to “give it the title Neighborhood Initiative and the Love of God.” In using the Church to love those in their very midst, the purest expression of God’s love is demonstrated.

“As I read Neighborhood Initiative and the Love of God, my soul rejoiced!…Thank you Lynn for reminding us all of this ministry and privilege. It is my prayer that through the Initiative of the Holy Spirit, many hearts and souls will be prepared for the ministry of the Love of God, in our neighborhoods, cities, our nation, and our world.”   Dave McNeel

“I just read the book for the first time; it blew me away! Everything you write about touches a chord in my life.”  Curney Parker

“Anyone serious about organically living in a missional way needs to read this short book. I am ordering Neighborhood Initiative and the Love of God for the members of our church as it fits into what we are teaching, emphasizing, and modeling … how to bring blessing to those we are most naturally in relationship with and transform our neighborhoods. The brevity of the book and the way Cory has organized it into very short three and four page chapters is on target for busy people and busy pastors. Dallas Willard, former professor of philosophy at USC, was a friend of Cory’s and a member of his church. The chapter Willard contributed to Cory’s book was among the last things he wrote before he passed away. Willard’s significant contribution adds gravity and weight to the book’s very simple message: Loving your neighbor in the power of God is the solution to the problem of humanity and is the only real solution to seeing genuine change in our neighborhoods and cities. The numerous testimonies and real life examples peppered throughout the book stir up new ideas, imagination, and creativity for us as we humbly serve our God by being a good neighbor. Cory’s proposal is not a program, but rather a refreshingly accessible and adventuresome way to live a genuine and compassionate human life. Thank you Lynn Cory for your labor of love and for being faithful not to let go of what God put on your heart. This book should be read by pastors, leaders, and church members … anyone really who is serious about loving their neighbor.” Glen Taylor

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